I literally just wrote “soviet tank” in my to buy list for the future.

I need a job to finance all these grotesque things. 

If you get the money, all then you need is a driver (hint hint)
(For real though you can buy a brand new T-55 from poland for around $30,000)

Let’s build a compound somewhere.

But seriously if I ever holla get dolla and get rich, that’ll be the first thing I’ll buy.





With the term originating in the 1990’s during the United States occupation of Somalia for local fighters paid with “Technical assistance grants” to protect personnel, “Technicals” has expanded to just about any truck full of armed personnel.

Technicals, a ubiquitous sight in middle eastern countries, are typically described as armed pick up trucks, sporting anything from recoiless rifles to machine guns. Many hi-speed-lo-drag operator types argue that these vehicles are the best way to operate in urban environments, as many vehicles can be armored subtly to keep a “gray man” dynamic, and can operate both on and offroad.

I’m not gonna lie, I do love me some technical porn.